Patreon Fee Changes
December 13th EDIT: Hey, so Patreon responds to you guys and will not be making their original fee changes!


Hm, not so great news today. 

Patreon is changing how they'll be processing the fees for pledges and, as far as I understand, it is decidedly Not Good. Several of my colleagues have already written up posts explaining how this change will impact you, our patrons, and I encourage you to read their descriptions before continuing on in this post. 

Jeph Jacques: Patreon Fee Processing Changes and You
Ryan North: Change to Patreon's fees 

For the record: I am 1000% ok with having the processing fees come out of my payment (the way it is now) and prefer that to having my patrons pay an additional charge on top of their pledge to me.

These changes are scheduled to go into effect December 18th. If you have the time and energy, consider contacting Patreon to politely and respectfully share your opinions on this and inform them of how you will or won't be adjusting your patronage accordingly. As North suggests in his post, "Just be sure you check off that you're here to "get help", because I chose "send feedback", and got back an email saying "thanks, but we won't be responding to feedback"."

On a personal note:

Patreon has completely changed my life. It is a significant portion of my household income and enables Matt and me to work on OJST full time. I am so, so, so fucking grateful for the freedom this service has granted me by being a conduit for you, my patrons, to pay me to create these sex positive comics. I can't express how thankful I am to every person who has ever supported me with a pledge at any time. 

I hope Patreon will restructure their proposed fee change before it goes into effect, but if you need to diminish or end your patronage to me please know that I understand and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the funds you generously have shared with me up to this point. You are responsible for enabling me to make this work. 

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what to do right now, but here are some ways to stay connected and supportive of my work if this is the end of your time with Patreon:

--Sign up for my mailing list which I haven't used since 2012??? GUESS I'LL BE DUSTING THAT OFF NOW.
--You can make a one-time or recurring donation to me through PayPal.
--Or you can "buy me a coffee" through Ko-Fi.
--And, of course, I'm on the social medias: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram 

Also, you can still get notified of all the public posts I make on Patreon, even if you are not actually a current patron of mine! Just click the "Follow" button on my front Patreon page, beneath my listed number of patrons, on the far left.


Let's hope things take a turn for the better before December 18th. Fingers crossed.

Thank you again,