Patreon Fee Processing Changes and You
Hey everyone, by now you may have gotten a message from Patreon about the changes they're making to their fee processing system. They sent this email to creators yesterday:

The important bit is that 2.9% + $0.35 fee per pledge. What this effectively means is that if you give me a dollar, Patreon will charge you approximately $1.37. If you give another creator a dollar, they'll charge you $1.37 for that too, even though the "fees" they have to pay on your pledges are charged as one lump sum by the credit processing companies. In short, they stand to make a lot of money from this scheme, which I'm sure will make their investors happy.

Patreon has tried to sell this as "making sure creators get paid better" but in reality it's a cash grab on their part, and I'm furious about it. Every other Patreon creator I know is furious too. We're all doing what we can in the hopes that they'll roll back this awful plan, but so far I've gotten nothing but empty assurances that "this will be fine because we did a survey" and "you might lose patrons but it will be fine because ?????"

You all mean the world to me. Your support has become an integral part of how I make a living, and I'm absolutely outraged that Patreon would do anything to take advantage of your generosity. I'm looking for a long-term solution to this. I hope you stick around because your support helps me live, but you have to take care of yourself first. If you have to reduce or cancel your pledges because of this, I completely understand. If you’d rather give money to me directly, you can do that here: 

Thanks again for your time and your support, and hopefully the higher-ups at Patreon will realize what a terrible idea this is.