Patreon Fee Changes - What you need to know
You may have already heard this from other creators you follow, from Patreon themselves, or the array of twitter drama that has erupted following the announcement, but Patreon be changin' things and it's gonna effect you guys - especially the $1 peeps - in a potentially massive way.

So the way things are currently done, if you pledge $1, you pay $1 and I get about 80c of that. Patreon takes 5%, and there is a 5-17% processing fee for credit cards / paypal etc.  

From December 18th, your pledges will increase by 2.9% + $0.35 to each pledge. That means that if you support more than one creator on Patreon, you'll be charged the extra 2.9% + $0.35 on each pledge, meaning things are gonna start adding up. 

Here's a graph someone on Twitter created that sums up the charges:

Image Source

If, like me, that looks confusing to you, lemme break it down a bit more.

Price increase per tier amount:

If you are currently pledging $1, you will now pay $1.38. 

If you currently pledge $3, you will now pay $3.44. 

If you currently pledge $5 you will now pay $5.50.

If you currently pledge $10, you will now pay $10.64

What this means for both of us

So, the reason Patreon says they are doing this is so Creators get more money, and technically they're right. To use the $1 tier as an example: Instead of getting $0.80 of your $1, I'll be getting $0.95. But that extra $0.38 isn't going to me - it's going towards processing fees. 

And yeah those processing fees have gotta be paid somewhere - but I used to take the hit for that and I was happy with that. I signed up to Patreon knowing I was gonna take that hit. Now, without any option for me to opt to continue to take that hit, Patreon is making YOU pay more.

What I'm gonna do about it

As a short-term solution, I'm going to be reducing all the tier levels by $1 (except the $1 reward). This will, at least partially, ofset some of the changes you'll get hit with and you'll be paying relatively the same amount of money as you are now. This isn't a solution that's helpful to everyone, especially since the majority of you are $1 peeps, who this is effecting the most. For a longer term solution, I'm looking into alternatives to Patreon. I'll still keep my Patreon account open, but if you want to migrate over to the new platfom when I eventually find a suitable alternative, there'll be an option to do so.

Please don't feel like you have to stay.

I know full well that sometimes, every penny counts, and that some of you are going to need to delete your pledges. If you need to do that, absolutely feel free and don't feel any guilt in doing so. At least one person (at time of writing) has removed their pledge and messaged me apologising profusely - you don't need to apologise. If you want to continue supporting me through other methods, you could throw a donation over at my Ko-Fi account, or paypal me ([email protected]) whenever you feel like it. Again - don't feel you have to. There are options out there!

What you can do about it

If, like me, you really don't like the change - talk to Patreon. Send them messages, email them ([email protected] is apparently a good one to reach out to), get in touch via twitter. It might not make a difference, but maybe with enough voices we'll be able to get them to realise the monumental effect this could potentially have on their userbase.

How to stay in touch, if you are leaving

If you do need to delete your pledge, but want to stay in touch with me to see more updates, that's fantastic! Here are a bunch of ways that you can do that:

Join my mailing list 

Follow me on Facebook 




Let me know if you have any questions! I'll do my best to answer them :)