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Hello! Since its been about 3 months since the  Patreon began, I think this is a good time to talk about what's working, what's not working, and what you guys want to see from me in the future.

First off, I'm going to review what I think about the current Patreon rewards. Let me know in the comments how you feel about the current Patreon Tiers and their benefits.


I think this is a really good tier, with a lot of value. When I originally designed the reward tiers, I focused on a high number of $1 and $5 patrons, and I think I succeed in making the $1 tier very enticing.

The only thing I'm thinking about changing is making all the Patreon art exclusive to patrons, and not early access.  The only reason it was early access in the first place was I was worried the workload of producing free art for my social media accounts, along with the Patreon would be too much, but that hasn't been an issue.


Could use some work. Suggesting characters for the drawing poll seems pretty valuable to me, however, out of the 40 or so $5 patrons, only 5-6 of them actually post suggestions every week.  If you are a $5 or above patron, and you do not suggest characters, please let me know in the comments why you don't, or what I can do to make suggesting characters more enticing. I'd really like everybody to get their money's worth. 

Preliminary sketches and cut content is a complete bust, imo. Not setting a regular schedule for posting this, combined with the fact that there just isn't really a whole lot of this type of content to begin with, means that for three months I never actually posted anything of this type. So I want to either drop this benefit entirely, or maybe set a bi-weekly or monthly schedule to post what little I have for this content. Let me know if you want me to drop the "preliminary sketches and cut content" benefit entirely, or try harder to make it work.


This is the weakest tier, by far. I'd really like to come up with a second benefit since the credits thing is really just a bonus. My original idea was that this is the tier for people who just want to generously give money to the Patreon without having to worry too much about rewards, but I don't like that idea so much right now. What benefit do you want here? What would make you upgrade to $10 a month?


I've got a lot of mixed feelings about this one. I thought it would be extremely popular, and in terms of people giving me money, it is, with all three slots being taken every month (so I'm pretty excited about that, understandably). What's really surprising is that out of the 6 times that the character design benefit has triggered, only two people have actually submitted their character design.  So that's like a 1/3rd hit rate on there, which I don't really know what to think about? If you are at the $25 tier, and you don't submit character designs, let me know what I can do to make the process easier for you.

I was originally very cautious with this tier, but thus far its been a very good for me. Even if I were to receive all 3 character designs a month, that is not a big strain on my workload. So I might expand the slots to 5 or even 10.


Now I'd like to know what kind of benefits would you like to see? 

If you are already a patron, what kind of benefit would make you upgrade to a higher tier? If you are not a patron, what could I add to Patreon to make you a subscriber?

What do you think a $50 tier would look like??? A $100 tier?!?!? Let me know what kinds of things you want from my Patreon in the comments!

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