I'm putting together some feedback for Patreon from the creator perspective and I would love to include your feedback on the user experience. Please let me know what it is like to be a patron on Patreon, what you enjoy, what you'd change, how it can improve... 



Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
$1 or more per month 721 patrons
You're officially a Sexpla(i)naut!
Handshake or Booty Shake (or both!)
$2 or more per month 329 patrons
Hey Sexpla(i)naut, you deserve a certificate! Check out the Patron Activity Feed for a fancy-schmancy download of your Sexpla(i)naut certificate to post as desktop wallpaper and/or frame for your wall.  
$4 or more per month 300 patrons
You'll get a private link to GoogleChats and GoogleOnAir live-streaming with Lindsey and friends. This will allow you to talk with me in real time either with your face or text comments. If you aren't able to attend while I'm recording, the link will still work to access when it is convenient for you. Event links will be posted on the activity feed. AND You'll also get the Sexpla(i)naut certificate and adoring wink. 
Coming soon!
$5 or more per month 163 patrons
This pledge amount was originally rewarded with a monthly digital calendar of all things Sexplanations. I'll need to work on this some more. In the meantime, just know that we appreciate your support and it is going to a good cause. 
PMS (Pick My Sexplanation)
$8 or more per month 140 patrons
Once a month you get to cast your vote for the Sexplanations' topic of your choice, Pick My Sexplanation. Once a month we'll open access to a ballot, collect and count the vote, then turn the winning topic into a video! Finally, a PMS that feels good. And you'll get everything that a high-five, handshake, and wink entail. 'Cause I like you!
$12 or more per month 34 patrons
Hopefully you're experiencing the sweet, rich feeling that you contributed to a sexually healthier planet! Soon you'll receive a special edition Sexplanations' family portrait AND a vote for next month's patron-choice video topic, access to Sexplanations' livestreams, and an official certificate to recognize your Sexpla(i)naut status. THANK YOU!!!
Dry Hump (Sex Tips)
$16 or more per month 53 patrons
Dry Hump (Sex Tips)
Every month we'll post a few Dr. Doe sex suggestions to the Patron Activity Feed. You can expect tips about personal growth, relationships, desire, positions, toys... why am I trying to list them? There are no limits here! It is your source for sexual enhancement without the risk of infected body fluids! Plus, all rewards above.
Let's Get Physical
$32 or more per month 42 patrons
This reward is for the inner Lindsey in all of us--because she loves mail and you love Sexplanations. Throughout the year we'll send you care packages of Sexplanations' merch and sexual trinkets to the address you provide. *Compersive squee!* Items range from handmade gifts of pleasure (clits) to first edition Sexplanations t-shirts. Of course, you also get to enjoy the other rewards above. (Please pledge an additional $5 for International shipping.)

More Doe for Your Buck
$52 or more per month 3 patrons
We're all about you and to show our appreciation here are the rewards to celebrate: 1) happyhappyjoyjoy from giving to a good cause; 2) a 40 character shout-out in the description of a Sexplanations' video of your choosing; 3) all of the rewards from the "Let's Physical" reward including the vote, sex tips, certificate, family photo, and Sexplanations hangs.
$64 or more per month 3 patrons
Let’s say you want to Get Physical with a friend, this reward means we get to love on two of you! We'll ship an additional Sexplanations care package once a month, separately or to the same location as the Get Physical reward plus all the rewards above. Share Sexplanations, not herpes! (Please pledge an additional $5-$10 for International shipping.)
Hot Date
$128 or more per month 1 patron
In addition to all rewards above, twice a year you'll get a special video from Dr. Doe. One, to celebrate our anniversary as Sexplanations business partners and the other, to answer a specific question, send a birthday wish, congratulate you, or even reenact the clitoris demo. As long as it is ethically doable, we'll record just about any exciting video-gram with love, and send it on its way. 
Get a room!
$256 or more per month 1 patron
With your support we can cover rent on our downtown office/studio (a room!). To show off your generosity the text or image of your choosing will be framed, in a circular frame, and hung up on the wall like an "O." In so many words you've given Sexplanations an orgasm and we're putting it on display. And, you get all other rewards!
Choose a topic
$512 or more per month 0 of 4 patrons
You get to choose a sex topic you want us to cover (within reason). For example boobs or pearly penile papules or anal positions. All I ask is that it isn't advertising something and you give me three months to fit it into our schedule (though I'll try to aim for a couple weeks). 
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