Patreon Free Gift
Hey everyone,

I know I have been talking about this for a while, but it's finally here.  I have finished designing the free gift that I promised to all of you who helped me achieve my first goal here on Patreon.  Thanks to the help of a good friend Michael Phelps, I now have some awesome drwaings for A Pyro Design.  I took one of Michael's drawings and designed the magnet shown in this picture.  These will be laser cut and sublimated and ready to stick to a metal object of your choice.  A second item I will be including thanks to another amazing friend Mr Joel Telling will be my maker coin...Now some of you may say oh Travis I can just print your maker coin myself, but thanks to the 3d printing nerd that maker coin will be printed with none other than the prototype Proto Pasta Bacon Filament!

I am sorry it took so long to get this together, but I wanted to make sure that I made something fun and cool for all of you that have supported me.  I wish I could do more and honestly, don't be surprised if there is not an extra surprise in the envelopes I send out.  You guys are amazing!

As soon as this is posted I will be sending each and every one of you a private message that will allow you to opt out if you don't want the gift and to make sure I have good addresses for all of you that do want it.