Patreon Funded: January
When I first began I started to talk about the things Patreon allowed to happen, the bits and pieces that come up as artistic expenses that add ontop of regular daily life. It has been a while now and I thought I would talk about it again.

Above is a photograph of art supplies bought this month with contributions from Patreon. Things that I would have got eventually but would have had to spread the purchase of over a number of months or have to wait for that extra large comission to acquire. Pestle and mortar are strange things, having seen them on and off for years in charity shops I thought they were going to be cheap to find. They were a proper pest to locate and it came down to an antique store or buying brand new, for the same price as the antique I got both a marble and granite pestle and mortar and am now fully set for my experiments into paint making.

That is also what the pallete knives and little jar of red coloured pigment are.

The other bits and pieces are more regular needs, masking fluid for my paintings just happened to run out over New Year and the wooden brush at the bottom fulfils some of my needs to do more with watercolour washes.

It doesn't matter if it's $1 or $35 every little helps me further my artful adventures, in the next few months I will be investing in teaching myself how to make paint and sketch out the beginings of a short story book. 

Thank you everyone for making these things possible.