Patreon Gift: Wedding Film Tutorial
(public post) 

Dear Beloved Patrons! 

Thank you from the depths of my heart for your continued support. I decided to make the Behind-the-scenes “tutorial" for this video public. I’m sure that you’ll all be ok with it, since you know that one of our guiding philosophies is generosity. When I have an opportunity to give that feels right, I’d prefer to just give!

I recorded this as a livestream because its the simplest, fastest (and most real ;) way. 

In this tutorial - I share a couple of Aha’s I had making this video: This is less of a technical tutorial - and more of a soul tutorial.  

I talk about  

- Formation of an Idea: Set the intention and it just COMES. When it sticks, its the One.  

- Effortlessness: Let it be easy. Keep the pressure off. This was easy. The whole thing was easy.  

- Keep your inner talk positive: I can do this. I know how to do this.  

- Spirit of the Gift: Love & generosity - how it activates our energy.  

The creative journey never ends! Just keep creating and enjoy every part of the process. Share it freely.  

Technical side: I had the lyrics ready so that made everything easier. I had a visual idea already in place.  

This film and it’s tutorial are created and shared in the spirit of the gift.

I hope you enjoy all of this! :)

Infinite Love,
Anita xxx

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