What up!!

I'm gonna start something that I think would be fun to do now & then as an extra "THANK YOU" for being a part of my Patreon page & supporting me. & that's GIVEAWAYS!!!!

So the first one is gonna be a a DVD of a super hilarious movie released by TROMA & is Trey Parker & Matt Stone's very first film: CANNIBAL! THE MUSICAL!! Why am I randomly giving this away?...well, I had the absolute privilege to do the DVD cover art for the Australian release of this movie, so I have some extra copies & thought "Hmmm...maybe my best buddies would like this!" So here we are! 

I'll be scribbling a sketch inside the DVD cover sleeve for the winner as well...FUN!

I also posted this on my social media sites to possibly interest other subscribers & stated that if I reach 15 patrons by tomorrow I'll give away TWO copies!..WOW!!! :) So, be sure to Retweet or share or give a quick review/positive statement about the page or whatever you want to get the word out which will grow our Art Family as well as give you better odds at winning one of these DVDs if we get 4 more buddies here! ;) I'll be picking a winner(s) sometime tomorrow & will do it on a LIVE stream...

So, again...THANK YOU, friends for your pledges & I hope you're digging everything so far. I still have a lot of thoughts & ideas for this page to organize so I have a lot in store!