Patreon goal #3 unlocked! Free story for everyone :)
With several new backers this week, I reached my $100 / month goal and you get a free reprint! Thank you everyone :) I feel like I've flooded you out with updates recently,I'm sorry about that...

And now for the reprint! *DRUMROLL*

Changing Body Templates  was originally published in Strange Bedfellows: An Anthology of  Political Science Fiction, ed. Hayden Trenholm; Bundoran Press, 2014. It  is about 6800 words long and it was inspired by the Soviet occupation of Hungary. (Very ownvoices, much yay :D )

I also made a master list of various free and paid Patreon content, for your convenience (and mine!). It has a list of upcoming Patreon goals too, make sure to take a look. You used up all my goals, so I had to make new ones! That is awesome and not something I expected to happen so fast.

+ bonus announcement: $5 / month and above backers will get the free advance previous of my March 2017 diverse book buying guide. Get your preorders in now, gaze upon your TBR and despair! OK maybe not despair... But it is a LONG list full of hopefully awesome books. I will probably be sending advance previews each month, since I'm doing these reading lists for my blog anyway and I can just hurry up a bit to get them to backers earlier, G-d willing. :)

I have been sending out the $2 and above bonuses in email, but these book lists I might post as Patreon entries to enable discussion, I'm not sure yet. I already said that $1 gets all the entries, which is by and large true and I want to keep it that way, but sometimes it is easier to make higher-tier downloads as entries rather than emails...? I am a bit confused and might run a poll about this later.

Thank you for bearing with me!!

- the Bogiperson.

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