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If you're having questions about becoming- or being a Patron, look no further!

In this guide I'm trying to summarize everything you need to know on how to get started! At the bottom of this post you'll also find a link collection that can get handy if you're a new subscriber! (Some of the content in the links are only accessible if you're already subscribed to the appropriate tier)

But first off - a link collection:

First off: What is the World Of Leah?

The World Of Leah is a passion project of mine that I started in late 2019. I enjoyed 3DX
content for years but wanted to start my own little project to bring a some new ideas into the space.

My idea was to create an alternative reality (world building) with returning characters who are all connected with each other. The story plays in a fictional college town and is supposed to feel like events in it happen in "real life" and as if these characters are real people.

The way I'm trying to do this is by giving each character their own Twitter Accounts that everyone can freely follow. They'll regularly post stuff on there making it feel like they're living their own ordinary lives. This is part of how the story is told - in an interactive way (you can comment on their Twitter posts and they might answer).

The other (Patron exclusive) part are obviously the 3DX (3D Porn) albums. You immediately unlock over 30+ albums with more than 2000 combined pics. Those albums I used to release on a monthly schedule, but as of March 2023, I'm working on way more ambitious albums that take longer to produce but are well worth the wait!

The main kink that most albums include are big cocks and college girls. There are obviously a lot more kinks going on and I hope to satisfy a lot of people with some diversion, but the story will always have the main focus on the bigger size of cock and petite girls!

However, I'm also trying to keep the story semi-realistic. I don't want the girls to have to dislocate their jaw for a deepthroat - so bigger cocks will not just slide down a girls throat just like that (at least not without a lot of practice.).

Now that you know a little more about the project, let's talk about being a Patron!

Benefits of being a Patron

If you've found your way here, you've probably stumbled across one of my images on social media or followed the link of the watermark on my pictures! I do share some pictures of my albums publicly for promotional purposes but that is only a fraction of what Patrons are getting!

There are multiple tiers (membership levels) available that you can choose from. The overall rule of thumb is: The higher the tier, the more content/benefits you receive - but no matter if you pay $1 or $9, you'll always unlock the main content of this project which are the NSFW albums!

If you haven't already- and want to know more about the different tiers and what they entail, have a look at the start page and check out the descriptions to see what they include!

Album releases

If you're new, you might be wondering when the next album will come out or what it is about. As of March 2023, I went from a monthly- to a less restrictive release schedule as the pressure of monthly releases massively restricted what I was able to do. Now, albums will take maybe 2-3 months to produce but will be much more ambitious, feature a bigger variety of characters and will generally be bigger!

Throughout each month I'll post updates on the albums status to all Patrons. Supporter Tiers and up will additionally receive regular preview images to see what I have been working on recently.

Check my Status Page to stay up-to-date! 

There are multiple types of releases which differ from each tier.

  • Early Access release ($9): Includes the full album in 4k with- and without text - a week earlier than the Founder Release. Also includes extra images that come with the regular release and a first half release as soon as it's ready. (More on that down below)
  • Supporter Tier release ($5): Includes the full album with and without text in  4k + extra images. Releases 4 days after Early Access.
  • Follower Tier release ($3): Includes the full album with and without text in 4k but doesn't include extra images. Also releases 4 days after Early access.
  • Founders release ($1): Includes the full album in lower resolution (1280px) with- and without text. Doesn't include extras and releases 7 days after Early Access.

Special releases and preview images

  • First half release ($9): Exclusive to Early Access tiers. Includes half of the WiP (Work in Progress) album in 4k as soon as the pictures are rendered out. Doesn't include text/dialogue.
  • Loyalty Reward release ($1): On the 2nd of each month, I'm releasing a loyalty reward as a thanks for all who continued their subscription. What this reward entails may differ each month and Patrons can give suggestions on my Patron exclusive Discord server! Usually these rewards are mini-albums (5-10 pics) or short animations. The key difference is that these rewards are the same for each Tier. All tiers get these images in 4k and on the same day.
  • Preview images ($5): These are for Supporter Tiers (and higher) and being posted both here on Patreon and on my Discord server. Previews are low resolution and grainy renders of pictures I'm actively working on to give you a quick glimpse of what's to come. As a rule of thumb you can expect the total preview-image count to be about quarter to half of the albums final image count. The amount of previews being posted will be reduced after the first half has been released for early access Patrons to avoid too many spoilers from there on.
  • Other releases ($1): Occasionally when there's time I'll also release casual albums that are very story driven. They do not always include naughty content and are smaller in size (~5-15 pics). While they have followed the same release schedules as normal albums before - they won't in the future and will be released for all Patrons at the same time.

The Patron exclusive Discord server

If you're a Patron, you can join our Discord server in which you can follow updates even closer and chat with the community!

The main reason to join the Discord server is simply convenience. A lot of people are using Discord already as their daily platform to keep in touch with their friends and following this project is then only one click away. It is also much easier to navigate and find older content that might've gone under on Patreon. Some tiny updates may also not be worth making a separate post on Patreon about, so usually they are only being shared on Discord. (However, major updates will always be posted here)

On top of that you can use it to chat with fellow Patrons and talk about your favorite characters, albums or anything you'd like to chat about. You can also choose to receive pings when my characters post new things on their Twitter!

Story, characters and protagonists

At first glance it might look like I'm just doing random naughty albums with random characters. However, all albums and characters in the World Of Leah play in the same "universe". They are connected to each other and albums are being released on a continuous and developing timeline.

On top of that, you'll find almost all characters to have their own social media presence on Twitter which you can follow no matter if you're a Patron or not. The story aspect of this project will always be free to follow. A list of all characters on Twitter

Right now the World Of Leah features about 16 different and unique characters, 7 of them male, 11 female. The story plays in the fictional Californian college town of Heirwood Falls and most of the characters know each other through college or for being old friends.

You'll see some characters more than others. As of March 2023, Albums release in "Seasons" meaning over a timespan of maybe ~6-12 months, one storyline with certain characters is in the focus. The key example is Kendall Greene who may not be the main protagonist, but is definitely one of the main characters who plays a very important role of driving the story line ahead. 

The World Of Leah Story & Lore

The story and lore behind the World Of Leah goes much deeper and given it isn't necessarily Patron exclusive, I wrote a separate guide on the lore that you can find below.

Story & Lore Guide:

It includes all info on how to follow each characters, how to stay up to date and how the story of this alternate reality works - definitely worth a read if you're interested in more than just the naughty side of this project!

Important links for Patrons

If you have further questions that haven't been answered or were unclear in this post, please leave a comment so I can update this post accordingly!

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