Patreon has been compromised.
Monster’s Garden early access artwork is currently being distributed illegally by a third party site that will not be named. And Monster’s Garden is not the only one that has fallen prey to this. I have contacted Patreon to bring it to their attention, and that is probably about as much as I can do since the owner of the offending site is not in the U.S.

I am fortunate that without Patreon, I can still eat 3 meals a day, sleep in a bed, and live adequately. Other artists are not so lucky, and it is for them that I am most upset. I do not know how many readers may have utilized this site and at this point I would feel better not knowing.

So what now?

Patrons already know that I have not been charging the last few updates and this is mostly due to me not having extra content. And having been out at sea for most of the month, I still don’t really have any extra content currently. And with this new development, there may be no point in extra content at all. I have tried to discern which patron may be a bot account feeding my posts, but it is difficult for me to determine that with 100% certainty.

So now I must ask, specifically to patrons, how comfortable would you be with no exclusive art offered for your patronage? I don’t want to assume that everyone is okay with donating out of complete love for the project, so it would really help to hear your thoughts on the subject.

I appreciate your time and support. The next comic update will be on September 7th.