Patreon Commissions HIATUS starts... NOW.

Hello pretty people~

As I mentioned some time ago, starting this month I won't be taking on any more commission slots, at least until I clear my current commissions and SF doodles backlog.
I don't want to give a precise date for when the Patreon Commissions will be back, however I think I should be able to make it by autumn this year.

For everyone that was collecting points, eagerly waiting to get a slot, worry not. Once I'll resume Commissions, your points will be used again to determine your place on the new waitlist I will introduce. During the hiatus time you will keep collecting points.
Read forward if that's relevant to you.

Once I'll get back from my hiatus, I'll introduce a new waitlist where I won't be collecting any more points going forward.
If you want a commission slot, you will be put on said waitlist. Once you get your slot, you will fall to the bottom of the list. Then if you want another commission, you'll have to be patient untill you reach the top again.

Here is a preview of the Future Commission Guidelines: LINK
(not final, but it should give you at least an idea on how things will change in the future).

Whoever wants to be considered for future Patreon Commissions, please contact me privately and I will give you the PERMANENT CANDIDATE status. Whoever already has the status is automatically on the list.

Thank you for understanding the situation, for your patience and the continued support you are all giving me. You are the best and I love you all. ❤


P.S. All patreon activity will keep going. I'll keep sending monthly reward packs and the Patreon REQUESTS will keep chugging as usual. I will just change some of the info on the Patreon page to reflect the current lack of monthly Commission Slot picks.

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