Patreon Info
Hello everyone and welcome!

This first post is to address any questions people may have about my Patreon account, and more specifically why I closed the first one. 

If you have been around my channel for a long time, you might recall that I opened a Patreon account once before, and then decided to close it. I made that decision because at the time it looked like the Youtube Ad situation was over and fixed. However, in the weeks since that time, it has become clear that is not the case, and that it won't be getting better for quite a while. Because of that I have decided to re-open this page, with different rewards and I hope that you will choose to support me again! 

As you know, with your status as a supporter you are able to personally message me on here, so if you need anything or have any questions about my choice feel free to ask. 

Thank you all so much for everything, you mean the world to me.