Patreon Newsletter: June 2017

Today is June 1st and that means I need to update this thing lol For the month of June I have a few updates for both art projects and youtube channels. But before we get started I will list the rewards that everyone can receive if you are pledge to them.

Rewards list:

Level 1: Mage

  • Over the month I will be posting new artwork pieces here
  • Extra videos I plan to have include Cute Demon Crashes let's play video and on my "vlog"  channel a song cover (WHICH I AM EMBARRASSED ABOUT BUT I WANNA TRY IT xD)

Level 2:  Sorcerer 

  • As always early access to my videos as soon as I have them edited.
  • Private livestreams, which if  more people pledge I will be able to figure out what type of livestream it can be.

Level 3: Battlemage

  • Right now I have talked with the podcast crew and we're hoping to do an E3 podcast. If this does happen we may also livestream our reaction to it. 
  • MP3s will be available once the podcast is edited.
  • I do need help on deciding what types of let's plays I want to do and if you would like to vote for the month of June please go here 

Level 4: Necromancer

  • I seem to have a lot of requests for tutorials for art. I will have 1 tutorial up sometime this month and this will be posted on my animation channel on youtube.
  • Random mini prints/stickers of my artwork! I will say I have new ones that are not going up in the store yet (Mystic Messenger ones). I will have them be the theme for this month. If you want them signed or anything let me know when you pledge!

Level 5: Timelord

  • Random art print. Again if I am able to finish the newest one early then this will be the given one for this month. But as of now I will be most likely sending out my newest print Never Ever.  If you want them signed or anything let me know when you pledge! 
  • 20% off my store on tictail. You can get the discount code here .
  • Monthly draw this month will be for a game key. If you would like to enter please go here .

(And as always if you pledge to a higher tier you always receive the previous tiers' rewards. Ex. You pledge $20/month you get every reward from Level 1 -5)

Plans for June:

  • It's pride month! (Happy pride my lovelies! <3) I do plan to have more LGBTQ+ themed videos and artwork. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know!
  • I am working on a different type of video. Reading out my smutty fanfiction! LOL I got so many requests for it once I mentioned them publicly and thanks to my friend Vopseas , I have recorded a video for it. I wanted to do more of a machinima style video instead of me just reading, so I will try my best to have the video out this month, but know that I am working on it!
  • I want to do an art livestream at least once this month. This will be on a random day but I will announce on here and on my social medias when it happens. This will be on Twitch .

I hope this month will be full of creativity from myself because I have seem to be more proactive with art and stuff ever since hitting a rough patch for almost a year. Thank you everyone who has pledge so far, and to those who are thinking about it I hope you will consider. If not, I still love you <3

Have a good day you good lookin' chap! :)