Patreon Launch FAQ
There's a few questions you probably have if you've been taking a look at this project! I'm here to try and answer them.

What is the priority between the Museum of ZZT website, Zookeeper, and Closer Look articles?
The Museum of ZZT website is the top priority as I feel it's the most important. Zookeeper is a farther off second place, with Closer Look articles in last. However, as the quota of articles increases will additional Patrons, Closer Look articles will likely surpass Zookeeper.

Will the Museum of ZZT site replace z2?
Maybe! If it does, the current z2 site will be preserved as well. I'm leaning towards yes, and fellow ZZTers on z2 have expressed support in the past for doing so. The ultimate location of the site will be settled closer to launch.

What happens when the site is launched?
Once the site is live, focus can shift towards Zookeeper, and Closer Look articles. There will still be plenty to do to enhance the site as well. Those pledging at the $5 tier for beta site access will have their reward changed to something not yet decided.

Where are the Closer Look articles posted?
Prior to the site's launch, they will be posted on the Pokyfriends blog where my other ZZT related posts currently live.

How many Closer Look articles will be written?
To begin, just one per month. As more goals are met, this number will increase. In addition, there are two $50 Patron tiers which allow choosing a game to receive a Closer Look article. These articles do not count towards the monthly quota.

When/Where will live streams occur?
Specific dates have yet to be set, but I would like to make them reasonably consistent for the sake of the audience. Weekend afternoons (PST) are the most likely candidates for this. They will be streamed on my Twitch channel.

How often will the Patreon development blog update?
Weekly, I intend to have a summary post for the week every Friday.

My question wasn't answered!
Get in touch! Either via e-mail at [email protected] or on the @Worldsofzzt twitter account.