Patreon Launch - August 8, 2017
I will be launching my Patreon on August 8, 2017!  I greatly appreciate your support, and look forward to increasing the quality and quantity of my content as my support base grows.  I currently work 2 jobs (one of which is a small business I own), I am a father to a beautiful 1 yr old little girl (my little Shadowling), and I use what spare time I do have to create my content on Paragon.  My initial goal is to receive enough support to reduce my workload to only 1 full time job, so that I can spend more time creating quality content for the community.  With your support I know this can happen.  

Also, every month I will be taking 25% of all proceeds received from Patreon and donating it to charity.  I will try to do different charities each month.  At the beginning of every month I will post an update to my Youtube channel showing everyone what the charity for that month will be.  This update will also show how much was earned and how much will be donated to the charity from the previous month.