Patreon layout and rewards update!
Hey! It's been a while, but I've gone and updated my reward tiers and layout over here on my Patreon page website place. Mostly minor stuffs (Like changing how the images look, as they've added an in-built image thing in the tiers-section) and one major update, the inclusion of my new Discord server.

Quick lesson for those not versed: Discord is a text and voice chat service where you can go chat with people in groups known as "Servers". Very recently I've made my own and it's been filled with a variety of people, and I've been applying roles to my patrons for being the super special people they are.

If you haven't yet joined, click here: 

All Patrons get the regular "Patron" role, (Be sure to contact me if you want it, just send me a message over on Discord or something) and all patrons who pledge in the $10+ tiers get the "Super Patron" role, and with it access to the Super Patron-exclusive text channel.

Besides that, everything is staying exactly the same, so don't panic. If you don't care for the Discord shenanigans you can completely leave it alone, but if you want in the option's there. Cool cool righto radical, thanks for reading!