Patreon Exclusive: Major changes to WrestleMania Results and why
As you know, several results went against people's expectations last night, with the betting lines wrong about 5 matches on the card.

As we previously said, The Dirty Sheets were single handidly responsible for KILLING the betting lines last year. Last July, I worked with Brian "Road-Dogg" James to implement a strategy that stopped the betting lines giving away the results, by advising the company to start betting their own money on two losers per card to mess up the lines.

Since SummerSlam 2017, the betting lines have been wrong for 17 matches, meaning we have aided in killing the predictable betting lines and successfully changing the business for the better.

Fans need to understand that it's good to be surprised, and it's a better product if a source like us are NOT 95% accurate. The WWE should be taking steps to swerve people as much as possible, and last night we were significantly swerved on both the men's WWE Title matches.

Before we address them, let's look at "what we nailed."

What we nailed

Our $40 Patrons had an incredible night, as we went 100% with our WWE betting picks. We also reported that Jinder Mahal was winning the US Championship several months ago, so that was also a big positive for us, as Rusev was most people's favourite.

We were also the ONLY website to report inside details relating to Daniel Bryan's return, back in late December and in January, where we also reported the EXACT match he would be in, in addition to the EXACT booking and EXACT finish of the match. This was our biggest scoop of 2018. You can re-read the article, below: 

Finally, as you all are aware, we were also the first and only website to exclusively report that WrestleMania 35 will be headlined by Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair, the first EVER women's WrestleMania Main Event. Therefore, having reported that, Asuka losing to Charlotte wasn't a huge surprise to us. Whilst the likes of Dave Meltzer were blindly guessing that it would be Asuka vs Rousey, in a streak vs streak match, we always knew that, that wasn't the plan.

We have been told that Vince McMahon made the final decision to have Charlotte go over, as his booking philosophy is to book backwards from Mania to Mania. McMahon believes that fans will look at the previous WrestleMania when the next one comes along, and didn't feel like it was a good idea to put a loss on Charlotte, as she is in the Main Event next year.

The feeling within in the company is that losses don't really matter and are quickly forgotten, however, WrestleMania losses do matter, based on the increased number of casual and new fans who watch WrestleMania. The WWE decided to go with Rousey vs Charlotte, as Charlotte is far more marketable and suitable to deal with all the mainstream media that will surround the first ever women's WrestleMania Main Event next year.

With all the stuff we nailed covered, let's look at the swerves.

What we got swerved on 

Our sources have confirmed that plans for Nakamura vs Styles changed on the day of the show, and mainly centred around the return Daniel Bryan. 

The WWE are looking to do more matches between Nakamura and Styles and are also looking at doing Nakamura vs Bryan and Bryan vs Styles. However, Vince McMahon decided he doesn't want a whole host of babyface vs babyface matches headlining SmackDown throughout 2018, as he isn't a fan of those storylines, prefering to build face vs heel feuds- which historically, have drawn more money.

Moving on to Roman vs Lesnar, we are happy to hold our hands up and admit that we have absolutely nothing to report.

Our sources have told us that, much like the Undertaker's streak, nobody knows anything, and all the WWE employees- from the writers to the wrestlers to the marketing people, were all clueless at last night's WrestleMania party. The belief is that much like the streak, only a handful of people knew the outcome, and thus far, nobody has any reasoning.

For the first time in 16 months, The Dirty Sheets can offer no explanation, and unlike other so called journalists, I'm not willing to lie and just make one up. I have a good enough to track record to hold up my hands and say, "I don't know anything."

The story being put out by Ryan Satin, that Brock "went into business for myself" is an absolute made up lie. Brock Lesnar won with an F5. People don't win real fights with F5s. However, as Ryan Satin couldn't fight his way out of a paperbag, he has no clue what he's talking about! Disregard this story and disregard Ryan Satin in general. 

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