Patreon Makes The THICC Possible 🍑
 Here’s another entry in my acclaimed THICC series lol. Interesting story about this video, when I originally uploaded it I forgot the outro so I deleted it and added the outro. Then I noticed I forgot to edit out a mistake that I made in the video so I deleted it a second time and removed the mistake and uploaded it a third time and all three times the video was also demonetized. Yay for that. The video has been temporarily remonetized as of me writing this but it’s most likely temporary. Typically when a video is demonetized immediately it’s remonetized by default until reviewed. <br><br>This is one of the reasons why I have this Patreon to support the videos that I otherwise wouldn’t be motivated to make under traditional means because I don’t get compensated for it. But the THICC must live on!