Patreon Map #8: The Palace of Gellian Finished!
Hail and well met soldiers of the Red Company!

I have here the Palce of Gellian, the wicked maze holding an ancient treasure! Those who dare its corridors often find only madness and death... yet at the end is rumored to be the treasure of a goddess.

So I changed a few things up for the final, mostly the chamber of Gellian herself. I translated here "tomb" as being a chunk of amber in which she is suspended in. This tomb is suspended in the middle of a rune bound chamber, dark, but for the light given off from the amber, and a few shafts of light. Dense thickets of vines line her chamber, and a queer sort of life energy emanates from her. Their are two trees that blossom within her chamber, each with golden leaves and lithe white trunks.

Their are lots of statues of fallen heroes/villains within the maze, all queerly lifelike. Their are sets of bones to be found as well, all rotted, cracked and destroyed. Their are multiple basins within the maze as well, some containing liquid, possibly water. Its not known what these are, but some have queer designs within them, and some may contain trinkets or treasures. 

Globes of various colors are also to be found in the maze, each brillaint and about the size of a billiards ball, though their purpose is not exactly known. It has been said that long ago, Gellian's lover entered the maze to find his lost love after she hid herself away, and these globes were jewels he crafted as gifts for her. Some say his cries can still be heard within the maze... others that he became the tomb's silent yet horrifying guardian.

Their are sigils upon the floor of various make and measure. Treasures come in both stone jars and sarcophogas like containers, and most shrouded in green leaves and vines.

The zip file attached has both eh d20 and HQ final jpegs. Unzip and enjoy!



NOTE: This map is now in the Red Company's Archives   and is only available for purchase on my site: Here


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