Patreon Mid September update

Patreon Mid September update

Hey there, Patrons! Happy mid-September to you. 

I’m happy to tell you that all the art for Chapter 6 is done, which means that I can dive into chapter 7, the penultimate chapter before Rival Angels ends. Don’t worry, we still have almost two months of updates before Chapter 6 closes, but that’s not a ton of time to write, thumbnail, letter, pencil and ink Chapter 7, not to mention several commissions on deck (especially for you Patrons), but it’s all good. I’m in a groove! 

The next Hangout will we this Sunday, September 24th at , at 11am CT, and if you guys have any ideas of what you’d like to see me draw, feel free to comment here or drop me a line. 

I have the script for the live action Rival Angels match finished. I just need to do another pass on it, and I may storyboard it. It’s probably overkill, but the guy I’m working with to get the match produced liked the idea of storyboards. 

The early news is that I’m going to do the next Kickstarter book, Number 7 in November. Probably run the whole month of November, with an option to get the book and the live action Rival Angels match. Just in time for Christmas!

I think that’s about it. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I love hearing from you!