Patreon Mileston Added - NSFW Ask Blog!

I've added a couple new milestones on Patreon!

If I can reach $100 a month in pledges I'll open up a NSFW ask blog featuring my characters!

Responses will be drawn in flat colors and can be anything from sfw images, to almost-nsfw pinups, and even full blown porn!  It all depends on what questions get asked!

The blog will also be updated once every other week!

OC's featured on the blog

My blog will feature pretty much all of my OC's!

I don't have a set list of OC's but one will be made if I can reach this goal!


If I can reach $200 a month in pledges I'll start responding to asks with FULL COLOR IMAGES!

So not only will you get bi-weekly porn/pinups/responses but they'll be completely shaded with all those nice little details!