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Welcome to the Get Fresh Crew!  

This is the level to support everything we do  each and every week and keep it all going! 

This level gets you:

Everything from the $1 Level, Plus...

  • Playhouse of Horrors Podcast - The Cellar Dweller discuses a horror movie or franchise

  • Boys Toys Podcast - The Man Child Eric Lee talks about some toys...some BOYS TOYS!

  • Patreon Only Spotlight Podcast (Every Thursday) - This will be a spotlight episode of 2 DC Comic books picked by the badass level of the GFC.  It will not be on the regular podcast, only here. (Note: Tom King's Batman and Mister Miracle are also found here!)

  • The Weird Science Comic News Podcast (Weekly) - Jim Discusses all the comic news of the week

  • New 52 Review Podcast - Jim and Eric make their way through the New 52...one trade at a time

  •  The Weird Science Pop Culture Podcast (2x a Month) - Jim and Eric discuss pop culture they hardly know anything about

  • The Weird Science Solicits and Sales Podcast (2x a Month) - Jim goes through the solicits and the sales numbers when they come out each month

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