Welcome all my new patrons! I'm glad to see you all. 

As I mentioned in the last update, we're up to the serial milestone, and there'll be a serial post coming very soon.  

In addition, I've redone the milestones and the donation tiers.   There's several new donation tiers at $3, $7, $10, and $15/month, including a peek into my trunk, a rifle through my recipe box, and access to my map case.   

The milestones have changed to reflect the new tiers, too; the higher we get, the more recipes, the more trunk stories, the more maps you'll get.   I'm excited about the changes!  I think it'll be fun to broaden out the content here. 

I hope you enjoyed the Christmas reposts.  I think I'm going to try something like that - not every month, but when I can come up with a reasonable holiday theme.  I've got content going back past 2008; even I've forgotten stuff from that long ago :-)

I'll post the first trunk story in the next couple days, for patrons at $3 and above.  It just so happens, I have something in my trunk perfect for the December theme.  

And speaking of themes, the January theme poll is up on Dreamwidth: here .  If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, you can vote in the comments here or there (or on Livejournal, here .)

Stay tuned for more stories, some recipes, maybe a map or two, and some peeks at the rest of my desk.  I'll try to tidy it up for you. 

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