Patreon-only early access for Broodhollow Kickstarter
Hello all, The Kickstarter for Broodhollow's second chapter, Angleworm, is ready and I wanted to let you know that it's launching officially this Monday, February 9! UNofficially, it's launching a day early on Sunday, and you will get first crack at it. I'll post the link here on the Patreon stream for patrons only on February 8th, and you'll get a headstart on some of the limited tiers. I will also have a limited PATRON tier with an extra, which will be special to you guys as thanks for all your support (although you're certainly not bound to it -- you're welcome to check out any tier you like). Also here's a sneak peek at what I did for the video! I shot it in a crawlspace. UGH Edit: oh, I guess attaching a video doesn't embed it. It's up there in the corner, so you can download it and watch it later on your first-generation video iPod.