The tier/reward models for my Patreon campaign have officially been updated!

I will be releasing an official announcement video on my Youtube channel over the next week or so; so keep your eyes peeled for that.

If you are already pledged, I recommend taking a look at the changes to the tiers/rewards! Now that the exclusive roleplays will be a universal Patron reward; you may find that you want to adjust your pledge! The first exclusive roleplay released will be released DECEMBER 1ST, 2017. So please be sure that your pledge has been submitted or adjusted before that date!

The goal here was and is to make my Patreon content more accessible to as many people as possible. I never want you to feel like I've withheld content behind an incredibly high paywall. That isn't and has never been my intention. Instead, I want everyone who chooses to pledge to have access to the most important Patron reward that I have to offer; my exclusive roleplays. Which is why I decided to pursue a per-roleplay model vs. a monthly roleplay-per-tier model! 

A lot of people vocalized that they would love to have access to these roleplays, but didn't have the extra cash to unlock them. This new Patreon model will hopefully open a lot of doors for fans and supporters to join my Patreon family and enjoy the exclusive rewards! (This includes releasing some of the most demanded, previously highest-tier, exclusive roleplays to all patrons.)

Thank you all for your love and support! You've been very patient through the growing pains of not only this Patreon campaign; but my channel as a whole. I hope to continue to keep providing you with the best content possible.

I love you all!

- Elizabeth
(Miss Shadow Lovely)