Patreon Page 2.0—Better, Stronger, Faster (viewable to all)


Whaddaya know!

As I had kind of expected, there was some oddness with the way our Patreon page had been set up. After listening to some great comments and suggestions over on our Kickstarter page, we've rebuilt the Rewards section to better accommodate a "recurring monthly donation" arrangement.

This way, you don't have to feel as much of a burn on your wallet when that monthly call to action rolls around, and it also helps to fuel more donations from those who didn't quite like the previous setup.

I'm rather pleased with it now, and I hope you are too! Details & info for existing Patrons below.

I already donated, so wha happen now?

Based on this Creator article from Patreon:

"If you delete a reward tier that patrons are signed up to, their pledges will not be deleted. They will be categorized as "no reward" and will have to edit their pledge to select a new reward tier."

So if you have pledged to us on Patreon already, I'm so sorry to make you do some click-work... But you need to go in and edit your pledge and choose a reward tier; you can also reduce the amount you wish to pledge to match that particular tier. For instance, if you were on the former $50 tier, edit your pledge to the $10 Reward tier and reduce your contribution amount to $10. It's okay, I won't be offended! It was my bad to begin with, and this way makes a lot more sense to keep everyone involved for a prolonged period of time. Of course, you are free to donate more than the minimum, should the kindness of your heart prove to be so immense and throbbing and selfless...

I'll also send an email out to each individual existing Patron about the above steps that should be taken in order to save them money!

The New Rewards

The Rewards have basically been converted from their previous incarnations (as a more "one-time" thing) into a 4-month payment cycle. Rather than pledge $16 now, you can pledge $4 per month for 4 months, and then be locked into a Steam key upon the game's launch. You can then continue to pledge that amount per month, lower it to the $1 USD tier, or bow out entirely.

Similarly, the $5/month Reward is the converted form of the PS4 download code tier. The same length applies before you are locked into a code; 4 months.

The $10/month tier lets you join us for sessions about the game's sub-events: what they entail, who's involved, the dialogue itself... After 4 months, you actually get BOTH a Steam and PS4 code. Since those who would be interested in this tier may want to stick around for more than 4 months (lots of chances to play with the game's text!), this seemed fair.

In Summary...

Thanks so much for your patience, understanding, comments, and insight. 
Mr. Tired loves you all. 
Drop us a comment if anything needs more clarification!