Patreon Page Changes, Upcoming Content
Hey all, couple of quick news items for the Patreon:
  • I am working on editing and rendering re:play episode 4 tonight, so expect that either late tonight or some time tomorrow.
  • I have finished formatting My Little Po-Mo vol. 3, but I'm waiting on the cover design. I'm still hoping to have the book available online by Black Friday, and therefore to have it as a reward option for November $10+ backers available at the beginning of December, but the hope is slowly dwindling. However, if it looks like I'm going to have it out by the end of the first week of December, I'll still make it a reward; any later than that and I'll make it a reward for December $10+ backers that they can receive in January.
  • I am going to try to get as much November content as possible done this weekend. At minimum re:play, two vlogs and a NA09 article, but if I can I'm going to try to get all the content for the rest of November done.