Patreon Part 2...
So as you know the Kickstarter is over. Funded at over 500%! Pretty crazy. I've been quiet here because of that, and things will continue to be a bit quiet here until I can fulfill my Kickstater obligation. 

But the plan is to re-vamp things over here to make them better for both you and me. Some features just didn't seem to work (like live video drawing). I'd like to come up with a few simple things that work for everyone at various pledge levels. 

Which reminds me I owe some of you a new postcard, so I will be getting to that. 

The big thing will be getting an inside look at the creation of my next project Pong the Mystic. I am essentially starting from the beginning, and you'll get a behind the scenes look at the whole thing. It's likely you will get to see some of it long before it ever posts. 

Thanks for your support, and stay tuned...


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