Patreon Restructuring (Part 3)
This whole Patreon thing is giving me one hell of a headache... Or maybe that's the beheading. Either way, I think I've finally come up with a system that does what I want without too much for me to deal with... So, I'm going to probably be switching to a voucher-based system, with voucher-type things that can be used for a few different things. Depending on the tier you support at, you'll get a certain number of vouchers. The vouchers will be usable for a number of things including getting free art, gaining additional votes for projects, and maybe bidding for being in the projects. I'm not sure exactly how I'll break down the voucher values, but I'm thinking 5 Vouchers will be enough to get a sloppy doodle (I'm thinking of introducing something called 10 minute doodles, where you tell me what you want and then I see what I can do in 10 minutes) The support tier that allows you to get a guaranteed sketch every month will probably be closer to 30 or 40 dollars, because I want to discourage the use of my Patreon for 'guaranteed commission' type things unless someone REALLY wants it. This will also let me take a little more time on things that are dragging, because it's not a monthly reward, it's a reward being bought with Vouchers. I'm probably going to limit the amount of people who can cash in a voucher for art in a given month, so I don't get swamped or overwhelmed, and I can focus on the projects, which are the primary focus of this Patreon in the first place. I also think I'll instate a monthly theme for voucher redemption. Maybe you can get things outside of the theme for more vouchers than if it's inside of the theme. But, what do you all think of something like that?