I have reset the payments to PER SONG! I do plan on coming back, but know it... won't be right now. I have a lot on my hands, so for the time being, don't really expect posts on here! I will make a new announcement when I revive my Patreon!
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
The Cornea Tears
$1 or more per month
A big thank you from me to you! Along with viewing all WIPs and finishing touches! And when scheduled, to be a part of Discord-only group calls!! (I plan on 1-2 a month!)
Includes Discord rewards
The Iris Tears
$5 or more per month
Along with a big thank you, you will be able to get my song, and seeing all the songs released in FULL before anyone, as well as being able to attend the patron-only streams! As well as being in my descriptions for each upload I have (excluding livestreams, since those are spontaneous!) As well as being able to watch whenever I decide to practice DJing! (DJ streams will be unpredictable, so just be on the lookout! If anything, I will announce it the day before!)
Includes Discord rewards
The Pupil Tears
$10 or more per month
You will be able to get any versions of any of my albums! As well as any songs released on here, you will get the download of that song and the VSQx before public release! 
Includes Discord rewards
The Retina Tears
$20 or more per month
Along with the rewards above, you can be eligible of one of two tiers at this price, which includes SONG STEMS! Have you ever wanted to dissect a song of mine? This is your chance! Every month, you have the chance to choose ANY SONG (excluding collaborations) of mine to have the full stems to! This will include all the parts of the songs, the vocals, and the unedited (if available) VSQx! 
Includes Discord rewards
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