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Today marks the first time I'm uploading anything to Patreon! Yay! I only have 1 patron so far (thank you K!!) but I'm going to keep creating content and posting it and of course -- persevering.

When it comes to rewards, there are two kinds: early access and exclusive access.

For anyone pledging $1 or more, you'll have early access to articles, essays, and lists that I write for my main blog or anywhere else that I'm writing. This early access is for my Fandom's Huge Race Problem and Urban Fantasy 101 series, as well as any article series or editorial that I start for another website.

For anyone pledging $5 or more, you'll also get exclusive access to stories that will not be anywhere online. These stories will be all for an original collection of short stories in the fantasy genre and its related subgenres. You will also get access to shorter works of flash fiction and short stories in other genres that will go up on my blog in the weeks after Patrons get a look at them here.

And for people pledging $10 or more, you get to boss me around a bit by suggesting a story or article idea. Depending on how many $10+ Patrons I have, voting will then be opened up to patrons on lower levels as to what gets worked on for the following month.

All material done for Patreon will be sent out with PDFs since the site itself is a little wonky when it comes to HTML and keeping all of my images in alignment. When the stories come out, I will also offer them as .mobi and .epub files for easy reading on the mobile device of your choice.

And as always, feedback on articles and stories is welcome and will be well-received!

Thank you for subscribing and supporting me!

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