How it works:

-After you pledge, your payment is processed (sent to me) on the first of the following month. As payments are processed, content will be made available. Keep in mind--my content will be original and only available here! I have to write it in order to post it. And I can't wait.

-You do not have to stay on the same tier! If you pay $15 to get a one-time post card (or the higher tiers), you can drop down to $10 or $5 the following month.

I have two primary plans with this Patreon:

1- The ability to keep writing stories about pre-existing characters. So now, when I want to write about Raymond and David going to David's house for Thanksgiving in CT, Ryan and Kassian having a moment between The Interludes and Fade, or funny cut scenes from Oli's and Caleb's road trip after they got their HEA, I can do so while not feeling like i'm sacrificing time dedicated to the books that are scheduled to be published.

2 - I will be able to write serial stories that won't be available anywhere else. For example--my ICoS lovers will get future volumes of 180 Proof Vega, and I'll be able to write about Five Boroughs characters who may not ever get their own trade published novel (like Angel and Stephanie, or my bae Chris).


I plan to start slow because this is all content that will have to be created (so the serials will be down the road), but the fact that I will now have this freedom without feeling guilt for neglecting my manuscripts is amazing. Thank you in advance for being part of this!