Patreon Playable Game Builds (v0.7) - NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD! (SoR v0.7.0)


It is on this holy day of November (Yes, today IS November, according to Roman calendar), we are honored to present you with the sixth build of Slaves of Rome (SoR v0.7)! 


We know. We know you want to be Romans. Have no fear. Just like in real Rome, there is only one thing standing in your way.. money! With time, the republic may become more.. easy going on that front. For now however.. the senate has ruled! If you feel this is unjust and want to ask to enter Rome without payment you may try our free tour of the city (public build) and feast your eyes with its glory. 

Main New Things This (v0.7) Build Features:

  • New Quests – 2 new quests. Bear in mind they are pretty long (and hard)!
  • New Slave Missions – 3 new slave missions (so we have 4 in total now!)
  • New Feature: Cumming!!! – Finally, we have cumming scenes! With fluid simulation! It's still not perfect and we plan to build upon it and improve a lot, but the base is finally here.
  • Story Lines – 2 major story-lines continued. 
  • Bug Fixes – Many of the bugs that were brought to our attention are now fixed. We probably also caused some new ones as well (like always :P ).
  • Optimization – We started optimizing the game performance. This improved a lot of things but also seem to cause more FPS drop than before, specially on high settings. We will improve as we go, but it should already work a lot better on low spec PCs.  
  • Romius Whipping Club – A fun, new, mini-game we hinted about in the last build ;)
  • Mini-Map – Pretty self explanatory.. so you guys will stop getting lost ;)
  • New Environment – You can now explore a whole new environment of a Roman military camp and there, do… what Roman's do!

Coming to Next Build (V0.8):

  • Voice Acting – The bigges feature of 0.8 will (finally!) be an actual voice over of actual girls (some of them might even be real porn-stars) for the dialogues!
  • Slaves Running Away – As some patreons suggested, we are going to add a system where slaves can run away and you need to find them on time. 
  • Cloths and Skins – Also can't promise 100% but we are working on a slaves cloths and skins system.
  • New missions, quests, slaves and story-lines – As usual ;).

We are growing fast, and we expect to have those upgrades within about 6-10 weeks. An official date will follow. 

Join us! Become our brothers and together, we will build an empire like no one has seen before!

For honor and glory of the Republic!
The Senate

* If you previously joined the $100 "one time payment" offer in the past, feel free to message or email us to ask for your free copy of the current build :). 

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