Patreon Poll for NON-PATRONS!

Hello Non-Patrons!

Have you been enjoying the content on my YouTube channel Rabbitearsblog?  If you are either a fan of my channel or a casual viewer of my channel, then please feel free to take a moment to vote on this poll and let me know what would make you interested in becoming a patron!  Having Patreon would greatly help me get out more fresh and polished content out to you guys and it would help keep my YouTube channel alive and thriving!  So, I would like to do everything I can to make my Patreon page as acessible and interesting to you as possible!

So, before we get started, here are a few things about my Patreon page you guys should know about:

1.  Tiers start from $1 a month

2.  We have lots of behind the scenes looks, early access to videos before they are released, getting your name featured in each of my videos, seeing some of my Patreon exclusive animations and allowing patrons to request any future videos!

3.  And all patrons get access to the Patrons Only section on our Discord server, which is a very friendly community where you get to talk about movies, TV shows and video games with other patrons!

If you have any questions about this Patreon page, please feel free to comment down below!  Otherwise, feel free to choose any of the options down below that goes the best with your opinions!

I would pledge if the tiers were priced differently (what kind of prices you want to see)?

I would pledge if there were better perks for Patrons (what kind of perks you want)?

I would pledge if I could pay annually instead of monthly

I would pledge if there was a great starting offer (what kind of starting offer you want)?

I would pledge if I get the "Welcome New Patrons" art designs once I join

3 votes total

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