Hi! This is something I've been meaning to start doing for a while. I should start by saying a huge thanks to Eric D and Runar for the continued support so far, it's honestly tough to put into words how much I do appreciate that so thank you. 

This post will be public since it's the first but I will say that when I do post these, they will be accessible only to patrons. So what to talk about? Well honestly, I have a bigger than usual yetihype weekly coming up (Yes, that is making a regular return now :p) where I'll be covering most of what I want to talk about anyway so honestly, this is more of just an early access to the news (Another perk of being a patron :p.) I guess the biggest thing would just be that I want to start spicing things up with my content.  I'm very let's play heavy on the channel at the moment and although I enjoy these, I want to start being more consistent with the news and discussion videos as well as more one off videos on games both edited and not edited. I also have some series ideas to be switching out for some let's plays but I'll go into more detail with those in the video.

For now, you just need to know that I've been watching a lot of Mr Fruit, IGP and as usual Northernlion so that may give you an ideas as to where things are going ;).But yeah, keep an eye out for weekly episode 3 and have a good weekend!Love you guys :D

.- Yeti