Patreon Preview: Sig P365 new problems?
I picked up a second Sig P365 after my first one experienced a very serious failure. We headed out to the range to start shooting the new gun to make sure it could go at least 1000 rounds without a failure of any kind. 

About 400 rounds in we started experiencing failures to extract. Until this point I didn't know this might be an issue with the guns. Once I got home and did some searching, I found others with the same problem. 

Sig is also implementing rolling changes. In this video you will see an updated striker that a viewer sent to me who just got their gun back from Sig warranty repair. The new striker is considerably different from the striker my two guns have. Meanwhile, Sig's project manager for handguns made a public post saying that the striker failures were incredibly low, below industy standards for any manufactured item. If this were true, why on earth would Sig redesign the striker?

Anyway, we have more testing to do now that the gun is having failures to extract. We'll see if the problem continues or if by some miracle it remedies itself by shooting the gun more.

Thanks everyone,


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