Patreon Preview: The Warden
The warden cannot be slain, and cannot be felled.

You guys asked for a martial class, and we aimed to deliver. Some of you might be thinking, of all the classes, why did we choose the Warden, a relic of everyone's most hated edition, to adapt? Because the warden brings yet another dimension to 5th edition: the first defense/battlefield control class.

The warden can single-handedly lock down a group of enemies, while helping the party eliminate targets one at a time. The warden can't be easily slain, and can stand high in combat, even amidst a horde of foes. And, of course, check out the wonderful artwork for the Warden from Mr. Martin Kirby!

Also this month, you should expect a spooky warlock thing for Halloween (even though it'll release a few hours late!)