Patreon Print Update #2 For March
So you guys may be wondering why I haven't posted any pictures yet for the print for this month. Well, I've been waiting for the SOC Gipsy to show up so I can do a print with him and Knifehead. Problem is though... he hasn't shown up yet! As of now, he should be arriving at my house Tuesday the 27th. So what I am hoping to do is have the picture fully done by the 28th if all goes according to plan. If all else fails, I will more then likely do a photo with the old NECA Gipsy for the print. Look forward to the next update towards the middle of the week with the full print reveal. Next months I should have done pretty early in the month so I can get some feedback on the print. I plan to do an Evangelion print since April is by birthday month and I got a new statue I wanna focus the print around.