Patreon Problem Pondering - Money
Money is a dirty word. I’m British so that’s doubly true.

Talking about money is uncomfortable and awkward and most of the time we get it wrong.

Money and creativity are horrible bedfellows. We hear the horror stories all of the time - artists who are expected to work for ‘exposure’, people having their creations stolen by larger firms, and the ever present struggle of making money from writing or art or music.

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”

-Virginia Woolf

To be able to continue to work and live we need to make money and that means we need to ask for money for the work that we do. Patreon is a lovely way of having a direct link between consumer and creator. However it’s unusual, it’s something I’m not used to and it’s something that is still forming.

I wanted to make sure that people felt like they were getting their money’s worth when they supported me and so I overstretched. Ever since I was young I have taken cake to people’s houses so that I don’t feel like I’m not paying my way, I’ve given people gifts to try and make them like me. It’s a habit and I’ve extended it to Patreon which is not something I should have done.

Time for a change.

Which means feedback time, I’m going to ask you what you would like to see here.

The physical perks on Patreon are going to change. I have learnt from my own experience and I have learnt from spending a lot of time reading and listening to other creators. I am going to eliminate the top level of my rewards and stop the physical perks on my other levels. Partly this is due to figuring out what works (as people may have seen my suppliers for this have been woefully bad) and partly what is going to be sustainable. 

Because of this I am expecting that people will want to drop their patronage level or even stop supporting me. I want you all to know that I am absolutely fine with that but even knowing that I might lose followers I still need to make some changes.

First off, there is going to be a lot more going on here. More blogs, more poems, more free content that is available to everyone and more content just for my patrons.

Secondly I am going to try and be as honest as possible about when something is going wrong and I’m not as up to scratch as I should be, I’ll let you know why I go quiet and hopefully let you know before I do.

Thirdly, the rewards are going to change. My $1 and $3 rewards are staying the same. The $3 reward level is going to become the base for my whole site, above that there are going to be word-art rewards and access to information before everyone else. Only my Patrons will have access to my full poems, my secret news, updates, reveals and word-art. The higher the level the more insight information, more content will be available.

I’m going to keep working to make this better. I’m going to keep learning.

I also want to apologise if anyone is disappointed in the news, in me. I am sorry that this wasn’t all sorted when we started out. I can’t promise that this is going to be the last time that I change things but I can promise that I will only ever try to make this better, for everyone.

I’d really like to hear any and all comments that you have about what’s happening next, anything you like, anything you don’t like, any questions you have. Leave me a comment and I’ll answer asap!

Thanks for being here,

VC. x

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