Patreon Project Journal / June 2017, part 2
Wednesday / 29 June

Had a panic attack over what I thought were missing days in the Wolfe Tracks manuscript.  I'd worked ahead over the weekend and got the next four sections prepped in the Patreon scheduler, but when looked at the scheduled drops this morning, I realized that I'd somehow skipped the June 21-22 section. But when I went back to my Word document, those pages were missing.  Entirely.  Fortunately, I also have the original scanner version, and the pages were there.  I must have made the error back in 2012 when I first tried to edit the journal.  

So... crisis averted! I'll just have to edit those days closely, as the text is still full of random scanner garble.

Friday / 30 June

Not much to report.

Over the last two weeks, I've been continuing to read books on self-publishing and marketing, squinting as best I can to try to spot truth through the hype and hyperbole.  The main thing all the books seem to agree on is the importance of building an email list.  Basically, the first few books I publish will earn nothing--they'll be offered up to the marketing gods for free to get as many people as possible to sign up on my mailing list.

And, yeah ... I've have done a bunch of boring stuff to support this idea of a marketing effort:  I signed up with MailChimp, created a simple email subscription campaign, and connected it to the new author site.  It seems to work, though I have no traffic yet because I'm keeping the URL out of search engines until I'm ready.

The site has no real content yet, but I do like how it's looking so far, thanks to free graphics from  I'm trying for a non-threatening, laid-back look, with no overt marketing on the front page; just an author talking about whatever random things she feels like talking about.  When I was looking at other author sites, the ones I liked best were NOT devoted to essays about writing and publishing and marketing, but were instead about all things completely different--how to balance stones on top of one another, new scientific discoveries, favorite cop TV shows (by a scifi writer), airport security rants, rants about dry cleaners ... actually, rants are my favorite. LOL! 

We'll see.  I'm concerned that the author site will take more time than it's worth, but I'm willing to give it a try.  One posting a month, or so.  

Oh, and I decided to go with Wordpress for the author site, as they were more compatible with MailChimp than my usual choice, Google's blogger.

Here's the link: