Patreon Redux
Hey guys it's been a long long time coming, but my Patreon will be getting totally overhauled this month. New goals, updated rewards tiers, and the pay-out method will be switching from per-piece to per month since I am creating much more regularly! I am going to try to better categorize my work and share all of my projects across this platform with you.

Some things I would like to do:

I. Storied-works/World-building/Concept Art

- I would like to share my worlds, stories, and characters with you all! This will probably be a very active component of this page.

II. Graphics/Design Work/Illustrations

- I have a more traditionally artsy part of me that I would like to indulge more often, and I have really wanted to open a little store to sell it through! I have ideas all the time and can't wait to be able to bring them to you


- There are just some things by other people I really love, and fan-works bring me together with similarly interested people. I think fanart is great for community, and let's me show some appreciation for what else is out there. I think this will bring me closer to my Patrons and give people a little insight about me as a person. 

- But really like. Maybe once a month if I can fit it in or feel inspired. 

IV. 3D Adventure

-Because often I am learning or do not know what I am doing.

-I'm learning Zbrush; I have had success (with help!) 3D printing. But I want to traditionally sculpt (which I do know how to do at least!) and cast things as well! I want to dive into making physical products and putting them up for sale (or greedily hoarding them!).

I think this is the bulk of the content outlines. I have art zines and sketchbooks I would like to make available as well, and just, well, so many ideas!

That's it for now! Thank you for sticking with me. Enjoy the New Year!

Caitlin "Skoll" Rollyson

Tier Benefits
$1 or more per month 0 patrons
Ah, the beginning of growth! This tier gives you access to my feed and the (upcoming) Discord server. 
$3 or more per month 0 patrons
Geared towards community, this tier gets you a special role and access to the art discussion channels of the Discord server where you may create, share, and get critique from your peers and myself! 
$5 or more per month 1 patron
A move towards self-sustainability! This tier gives you early access to tutorials and process pieces, project files, etc. as well as the rewards from the previous tier!
$15 or more per month 1 patron
The best of two worlds brought together! This tier nets you  digital rewards (digital sketch collections, high resolution images, brushes, etc.) as well as a small reward in the mail* every month. You also will receive the rewards of the previous tier!

*United States only.

$25 or more per month 1 of 4 patrons
Viva la Creatures! You're a true Monster Maker fan, or maybe you're just power hungry! Once a month you may "lock-in" one suggestion from the lists, or veto a rolled suggestion.* You will also receive a print** of your choice of one of that month's Monster Maker creatures, as well as the rewards of the previous tiers.

*You may not veto a locked-in suggestion or veto an already vetoed roll. Lock-ins and vetoes do not rollover to the following month.

**United States only. 

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