Patreon Redux
Hey guys it's been a long long time coming, but my Patreon will be getting totally overhauled this month. New goals, updated rewards tiers, and the pay-out method will be switching from per-piece to per month since I am creating much more regularly! I am going to try to better categorize my work and share all of my projects across this platform with you.

Some things I would like to do:

I. Storied-works/World-building/Concept Art

- I would like to share my worlds, stories, and characters with you all! This will probably be a very active component of this page.

II. Graphics/Design Work/Illustrations

- I have a more traditionally artsy part of me that I would like to indulge more often, and I have really wanted to open a little store to sell it through! I have ideas all the time and can't wait to be able to bring them to you


- There are just some things by other people I really love, and fan-works bring me together with similarly interested people. I think fanart is great for community, and let's me show some appreciation for what else is out there. I think this will bring me closer to my Patrons and give people a little insight about me as a person. 

- But really like. Maybe once a month if I can fit it in or feel inspired. 

IV. 3D Adventure

-Because often I am learning or do not know what I am doing.

-I'm learning Zbrush; I have had success (with help!) 3D printing. But I want to traditionally sculpt (which I do know how to do at least!) and cast things as well! I want to dive into making physical products and putting them up for sale (or greedily hoarding them!).

I think this is the bulk of the content outlines. I have art zines and sketchbooks I would like to make available as well, and just, well, so many ideas!

That's it for now! Thank you for sticking with me. Enjoy the New Year!

Caitlin "Skoll" Rollyson