Patreon remains open in wake of loss of set.
UPDATE 8/31/2017: FEMA has informed me that they will be covering a grand total of $0 in property damages. This is because the building was zoned as commercial even though I fucking lived there. Between FEMA and insurance I literally have nothing, rebuilding will have to come 100% OUT OF POCKET, and this channel doesn't make anywhere near enough to cover costs of this magnitude.


Hey everyone, Draco here. If you follow me/Gatorbox on Twitter you've already seen the above photograph. If you haven't seen it, that's the Gatorbox set, or what's left of it, post hurricane Harvey. Located in Rockport TX, the eye of the storm passed directly through the small city and destroyed 85% of the buildings in the area. Damages are estimated to be in excess of $160 billion, $52 billion higher than hurricane Katrina.

I am doing my best to work with insurance on the loss of property, but I'm sure you guys know how insurance works; you pay them lots of money and then when it comes time to file a claim they try to come up with a laundry list of reasons as to why they cannot pay you anything at all. This is what I'm currently dealing with, on top of trying to salvage whatever's left in that mess.

Personal property loss is estimated to be in the high thousands. With no power I'm still unable to test equipment to see if anything even still works.

Gatorbox will most likely be off the air for MONTHS, however I've elected to keep this Patreon page online as a form of "relief aid", especially considering the BS I'm dealing with in regards to my "insurance". If you would like to suspend your pledges during this time -- because we're unable to produce anything -- I completely understand. However if you'd like to contribute to support being able to pay bills and whatnot this is the best place to do so.

I'll keep you posted with any major developments here as well as through Twitter on @Dracokon and @Gatorbox.

- Draco