Patreon request stream Monday 5/2 at 4 pm PST
Hi guys! Unfortunately this week is kind of a mess (just drove from Seattle back home to the CA Bay Area, and tomorrow I leave for SoCal for the gallery opening... then I come back and there's SF Miku Expo!) so this month's request stream will be scheduled for next week. Monday, May 2 at 4 pm PST!

As always, please comment on this post with what you'd like and I'll prioritize based on tier, who's in the stream, etc. I can't guarantee I'll be able to get to everyone's requests, but I'll try my best! You MUST have your request in prior to the stream start time- being late was okay a year ago but there's a lot of you now! I expect the stream to last approximately 2 and a half hours as usual.

Canon characters only but can be from any series, and crossovers (characters cosplaying other characters, or characters as magical girls etc) are welcome!