Hi guys! I took the liberty of revamping my Patreon page to make things much more streamlined and comfortable for both my Patrons and me!

Some changes:

-> Added a second raffle for $10+ Patrons!

-> Changed Milestone goals to match my future goals as an artist!

-> An update and reset to the points system

-> Rearranged rewards to be more suitable to their tiers. Removed unnecessary tiers.

Coming soon:

-> An updated list of what I owe my Patrons

-> A new profile image

-> Some special surprises!

I hope you all enjoy the new look to my Patreon. I've been meaning to fix things for a while, and I'm greatly thankful to all of you who stayed by my side during this horrible downtime in my life. I cannot ask for better fans and I hope the new changes to my Patreon will make you just as happy as it's making me!

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