Patreon Revamp for March!
Ahoy everyone!

This month just flew by! 

I wanted to post before the next month begins, because I spent some of this month planning changes to our Patreon that I wanted to update you on! They are all live on the page now.

I’m excited to announce that we created a new reward system! You can now save up and turn in “RLK points” for extra things! 

(We did this becuase we love the support we’ve gotten from all of you and want to express our appreciation in a more tangible way) 

Anything you’ve pledged in the past is included!

I’m also revamping the Discord a bit since we've moved our focus to the studio instead of a single project. Discord rewards link to the RLK Discord  now, and we’ve changed the “Front Row” theatre theme to “Space Cat” starship theme. Patreon and Dischord work together now, so to properly get discord related rewards,  make sure you connect to Patreon from Discord.

The other big thing I did was I added a new goal on Patreon. I want to do a special game day stream filled with weird indie games! So many interesting games are out there, and I’d love an excuse to sift through a few and share the best ones with everyone! We’ll share our thoughts about them from a developer’s view point, and we can discuss things over Discord voice with all of you while we play! 

This Patreon thing is still a learning process, so changes and improvements will keep coming. Now that we’re starting to get settled in our new home I’ll be putting more energy into RLK related things! I’m currently working on a better welcome post here to help direct patrons to the content they get etc. 

I’ll be posting Next month's game related update soon of course!

Your fluffy co-pilot,


 Message me here or on discord if you have any questions!