Patreon Reverse Fee Change, Apologizes
Well. Color me surprised.  

I genuinely did not expect this outcome (or a legit apology). 

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to them and made noise about this.

Thank you to every patron who stuck with me while waiting to see how this shook out.

Thank you to every patron who said they would follow me to another platform if needed.

Thank you to every patron who upped their pledges when I began to lose others.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Although I've tried to sufficiently credit my Patrons of Snark in the past with how important their support is to me, the potential of losing this income stream made me realize how immensely I rely on this service to keep publishing books you guys (and I) love. Without it, royalties alone are not enough to sustain these books, and I was facing a future next year in which Livi #3 came out and that might be it.

One of the reasons I think stories as a whole are important is because they show us how to keep fighting when we want to give up; that the monster can be defeated no matter how much larger than us it is; that a team, a pack, a family can surmount almost any obstacle together.

When I started to sink under panic and fear, you reminded me that I have a team to help me fight and to start looking for alternatives. You shook me out of defeat and make me get back up to fix this. 

You're my heroes.

Thank you.

Despite this apology, of course, Patreon has lost a tremendous amount of trust and goodwill. I understand those who will not come back to the platform.

I've set up a patronage page on my site for those who would like alternatives (I will have to edit it now to reflect Patreon going back on the decision). In summary:

* Patreon remains the main platform for me (for the time being)

* I am investigating other options still and will seriously consider Drip when it launches next year (if I try an additional platform, I'll remain on Patreon and it'll basically be a duplication to diversify income streams)

* $1 and $2 pledges--The Credits and Double Your Fun reward tiers here--can be obtained from me directly if you're so inclined via a PayPal monthly subscription

* Liberapay is great if you want to kick in monthly without getting any of the rewards (WHY DON'T YOU WANT STORIES? *ahem* Anyway...)

* One-time donation options via PayPal and Ko-Fi

As an aside, I'm looking at having to get a third job with my dog's monthly expenses now hitting $300 for just her meds (not including food and vet visits), and in the event of that, something's going to have to go. In that event, though, it won't be the Livi books given all the support you've offered.

Let's publish Livi #3 and #4 in 2018.

Thank you for everything.

~ Skyla

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