Patreon Reverses Course About New Fee Structure
Hello, all!

We wanted to update you all, now that Patreon has decided not to change their fee structure. What does that mean for you? Patreon will no longer charge Patreon supporters increased fees that used to be paid by creators.

In the future, it's likely they will change their fee structure somehow, but it's unlikely that they will roll out another change like this, which directly impacts you and causes you to pay more.

However Patreon changes their service in the future, we promise to update you immediately. We believe in clearly communicating things like this with our supporters and followers as soon as possible. We want you to be in the know, always, but we're thrilled that our supporters will not be charged additional fees. We all raised our voices with concern about this issue. Thankfully, that concern was heard, Patreon listened, and has dramatically reversed course.

As always, thank you for listening and supporting Greater Boston.
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