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Patreon Review: Great for a few, Challenging to Start and Grow
My Patreon review concludes that Patreon is awesome for a few creators, challenging to start with, and difficult to use to grow each month. Pledge to me and I will pledge back to you! Use my review to learn how to get more patrons on Patreon, see why getting people to pledge monthly is so difficult, and what you should know before or after making a new page and trying to find people to support you. Patreon is like kickstarter except with monthly payments for ongoing work instead of one time projects. For you the person creating videos on YouTube, blog posts, podcasts, graphics, comics, and music videos, this sounds awesome because you get a regular paycheck instead of struggling to make ends meet. For your fans, the monthly option makes pledging difficult because most people cannot stand monthly payments. Understanding this helped me to realize that the only way I could have a successful Patreon page is to support other people first and then receive their support for my work. While I am supporting more than 50 other people on Patreon now, they are pledging to my page too which looks really good when new people come along! The more patrons you have, the easier it is to keep growing! Pledge to me now and reply to my thank you message to let me know I should pledge back to you! Getting your first patron is really hard and I hope watching this review makes it easier! Read more at
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